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Mỹ: Học bổng hè toàn phần tại University of Chicago (04-01-2017) 

Học bổng hè toàn phần Neubauer International Summer Scholars do ĐH Chicago (top 3 của Mỹ) dành riêng cho học sinh Trung học Việt Nam. Ứng viên được nhận có cơ hội tham gia các khoá học về khoa học, xã hội cực hấp dẫn như Luật Mỹ, Công nghệ sinh học, Toán và Khoa học máy tính, hay Creative writing,... tại Đại học Chicago. Đây là một cơ hội hiếm hoi và hoàn toàn miễn phí nên các bạn học sinh đừng nên bỏ lỡ nhé!

Thông tin cụ thể như sau:

The Neubauer International Summer Scholars program will provide funding to bring talented high school students to UChicago to get an early taste of an exceptional university experience by taking college-level classes and living on campus. Students selected will receive a full scholarship to participate in ONE of two Summer Session courses: UChicago Arts and Sciences or UChicago Immersion - Summer Programs for High School Students.

Program Requirements
Open to students attending high school in Brazil, Mexico, and Vietnam. Students must be current high school students during the 2017 Summer Session.
This is a residential program. The scholarship covers residential fees and the cost of travel to and from campus.

Tuition & Fees
Students selected for the program will receive a full scholarship, including course tuition, housing and dining, residential and student life fees, health insurance, and the cost of travel to and from campus.

Scholarship Application
Students must first complete the short form available at the bottom of this page to be considered for this scholarship.
Students must then apply for admission to the Summer Session directly through the Summer Session website. Please visit the Summer Session website for information on their admissions requirements.
Summer Session application fee waived for all candidates.
Final deadline is APRIL 1, 2017 at 5:00pm CST.
The online application and all supplementary materials must be received by the final deadline.
All applications will be reviewed in early April, and decisions will be emailed to all students in late April.
Two (2) applicants from each country will be selected for this program.

Instructions for your high school documents:

You should submit your school documents to the appropriate EducationUSA office listed below. The EducationUSA adviser in charge will verify your documents, and submit them to UChicago on your behalf.

For documents in a language other than English, please work with EducationUSA to have them translated into English (for a fee; please consult EdUSA for pricing). If the EdUSA office does not offer translation services, they will be able to suggest local translators you can use.

Note: All documents must be notarized, and copies must be in color. If submitting documents electronically, please combine all documents and submit a single PDF file with all documents.

Candidates from Quang Tri province and to the north, please send your school documents to:
EducationUSA Hanoi

OR mail documents to:
EducationUSA Advising Center
Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy
7 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi

Candidates from Thua Thien-Hue province and to the south, please send your school documents to:
EducationUSA Ho Chi Minh City

OR mail documents to:
Attn: EducationUSA/PAS
U.S. Consulate General
4 Le Duan District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

Candidate Selection
Applicants must meet all Summer Session application and admissions requirements in order to be considered for the International Neubauer Summer Session scholarship opportunity.
BEFORE completing the form on this page, please visit the Summer Session website and make sure you understand the Summer Session application process and requirements for international students.
Students will be selected through a holistic application review process.
Selected students will commit to organizing at least one group presentation upon returning to their home country, preferably at their own high school, to share their experience of studying at a US university, and help their peers learn more about educational opportunities in the United States in general. Support materials and resources will be provided.

Course Details
UChicago Arts and Sciences – Summer in UChicago
The UChicago Arts & Sciences Summer Program in Chicago will be offered during Session I.
Session I dates: Orientation June 17-18; classes begin June 19 and end July 7

The 3-week Arts and Sciences intensive interdisciplinary program encompasses science, humanities, and the social sciences and cultivates critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication skills. Students educated in the liberal arts tradition are distinguished by their ability to successfully navigate a fast-paced world that is increasingly characterized by complexity, diversity, and change. With origins in antiquity, a liberal arts education referred to the essential skills that all citizens needed to create and participate in civic life. Today, an education in the liberal arts teaches the same abilities, possessed by civic and business leaders, scholars and researchers, and agents of change in all areas.
UChicago Immersion (UChI) - Summer Programs for High School Students
Session I dates: Orientation June 17-18; classes begin June 19 and end July 7
Session II dates: Orientation July 8-9; classes begin July 10 and end July 28
All courses are three weeks long

Experience a discipline in-depth and hands-on in these intensive three-week courses, as you join experts in their fields in doing what they do. Every course takes advantage of the unique educational opportunities offered by the University and the city of Chicago, taking the material taught in undergraduate courses and adding an experiential piece not available in traditionally designed courses. Courses are kept small so that students get the maximum amount of personalized attention from the faculty, researchers, and other professionals who are their instructors, as they lead you through labs, workshop discussions, field observations, research projects, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Summer 2017 UChI Courses:
Session I
American Law and Litigation
Biotechnology for the 21st Century
Creative Writing: Fiction
Mathematical and Computational Research in the Biological Sciences

Session II
American Law and Litigation
Biotechnology for the 21st Century
Collegiate Writing: Awakening Into Consciousness
Contagion: Infectious Agents and Emerging Diseases
Creative Writing: Fiction
Developmental Psychology: Theories and Techniques
Economics from an Experimental Perspective
Explorations in Neuroscience: Neurons, Behavior, and Beyond
Design Thinking: games and Social Impact
The Physics of Stars: Their Structure and Evolution
The Psychology of Learning


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