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Đức: FS Master's Scholarships (04-01-2017) 

FS Master's Scholarships

The aim of the Master scholarship programme is to provide especially talented candidates with an opportunity to study irrespective of their financial circumstances.


Frankfurt School offers scholarships to top applicants of the three pre-experience Master programmes:

Master of Finance (MSc)
• Master in Management (MSc)
• Master of International Business (MA)

Scholarships range from partial to full reduction of tuition for the respective programme.

Selection criteria include candidates’ academic results (grade of first degree), performance in the Frankfurt School selection procedure and candidates’ personal achievements and needs (extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience and, if relevant, professional experience, internships).

Scholarship Application Process

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must answer the questions in the scholarship section of the online application. 
A scholarship committee will review the scholarship candidates once the application is completed and the applicant is admitted to the respective Master programme. The Scholarship committee’s decision is final and candidates have no legal entitlement to a scholarship.

Completed applications for all three pre-experience Master programmes (start date: 4 September 2017) must be submitted by 30 June 2017.Incomplete applications or applications received after this date cannot be considered for a scholarship.


Scholarships are awarded initially for a period of two semesters (one semester for applicants starting in Summer Semester 2018) and are only extended if candidates perform to the standards required by the respective study programmes.

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