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Introducing…Gretchen Jones (13-02-2013) 

The Label: Gretchen Jones
Based In: Brooklyn, New York
Designed By: Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones, who launched her namesake line in 2011. "Fashion chose me, really," the self-taught Colorado native told TFI when asked what originally drew her to the medium. "From the time I was old enough to dress myself, I did! I've always connected to dressing as the most relevant way of self-expression. The art of putting a look together felt as good to me as clay to a sculptor." As for the origin of the collection itself? "The idea behind my label was to create a brand that filled an aesthetic void in the market," said the designer. "I aim to marry vintage bohemian romanticism with modern urban minimalism."

Gretchen Jones Introducing.1 on the Fashion Informer:graphic by K Sarna

Looks Like: One part hippie, one part hipster quirk with a dash of sophistication. Each season, Jones chooses a piece of music and work of literature as the focal points of the collection. Spring 2013 pays homage to Joan Baez's Bob Dylan tribute album, Any Day Now, and Joan Didion's essay, "Where the Kissing Never Stops" from the book Slouching Towards Bethlehem. The resulting graphic print dresses, asymmetric floral tops, shiny shorts suits and floaty maxi skirts nod to her muses' SoCal Seventies roots while still feeling very much in keeping with the way today's fashion-forward free spirits like to dress.
Sold At: The Gretchen Jones collection sells for $200 - $700 at Bird, Condor, Myrtle and online at Gretchen Jones.

Gretchen Jones Introducing.2 on The Fashion Informer:graphic by K Sarna
Gretchen Jones Introducing.3 on The Fashion Informer:graphic by K Sarna

graphic design by K Sarna / Ehow



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